The Accepted papers of All Workshops will be published in the IFIP AICT Proceedings Volume 2.

The 1st Workshop on AI and Ethics (AIETH 2021)

We should aim in responsible global AI, however at the same time we must be preparing to act preemptively and ensure that our societies will avoid negative effects of AI and of 4th Industrial Revolution in general. The workshop on AI Ethics was organized by the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom and it will discuss potential major ethical issues that will arise in the near future.

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Energy Efficiency and Artificial Intelligence (ΕΕΑΙ) Workshop

Sustainable energy is hands down one of the biggest challenges of our times. As the EU sets its focus to reach its 2030 and 2050 goals, the role of private energy consumers becomes prevalent. The EU and member states are increasingly highlighting the need to complement supply-related measures (e.g. smart/efficient buildings, appliances and meters) with consumption-affecting initiatives (e.g. consumer empowerment, information and education, energy taxes and incentives).

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Workshop-Tutorial CDA-COBRA
“Cognitive Data Analytics for Predictive Modelling on Cognitive Brain Data”

Organized by Professor Nikola Kasabov (Aukland  University of Technology founder of KEDRI Lab) and Prof. Alex Sumich from Nottingham Trend University, UK.

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