Message from the Organisers

Update from the Organisers

15th of April 2021

Dear colleagues of the ΕΑΝΝ/AIAI community,

The whole international community and of course our EANN/AIAI scientific society, is still watching the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic on a daily basis. The development of the vaccination has given us reasonable hopes that this global crisis will end soon. After 17 years of holding AIAI and 22 years of holding EANN, strong bonds have been developed with the members of our community. This has been proved very clearly both last and this year, with the high volume and the high quality of submissions, despite the major challenges facing our societies. We as members of the organizing committee, wish to thank you very much for that.

Human health is the most important asset of all. We are interested in the health and wellbeing of all our community, under the challenging circumstances that we are all facing.

For this year our plan is to run the conference in a hybrid mode that will combine remote and physical participation in the arranged fantastic, real paradise venue. All sessions and scientific activities of the conference are planned and designed so they will be accessible to all participants no matter if they are at their offices, at their homes or at the conference venue.

Remote participation will be available to all those who cannot or do not want to travel while at the same time whoever wants to attend and present physically is more than welcome to come to Crete and join the real conference!

The only precondition for running the physical part of the conference is to get the “acceptance” from the national authority for COVID-19 crisis management (National Public Health Organization). We are in contact with them, and we are monitoring their decisions and announcements on everyday basis. The vaccination process in Greece and in most other countries makes us really optimistic about being able to provide the physical participation option.

We will keep monitoring the situation and we will provide more detailed information to all EANN / AIAI participants as soon as there will be any type of announcement from our National Authorities. Till then please DO NOT procced to booking of a plane ticket or to hotel reservation and complete the registration procedure by using the remote fee. After getting the official approval for running the physical part of the conference we will provide the option to all who are interested in physical participation to change their registration.

In both cases of Hybrid or Remote conferences we are asking for your support and your active participation during the live presentations in the virtual rooms. We will keep the good tradition and we assure you that we will make another successful conference happen.

 If you have any questions regarding the organizing of 22nd EANN and the 17th  AIAI 2021, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The 22nd EANN/ 17th AIAI 2021 Chairs